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Great! I can
                                 take delivery of my
                               FCL consignments which
                             have been facilitated by RMS
                            directly from Port. It means I
                            can save a lot of money and time

                             from port and not from CFS.
                               Please tell me how I can
                                  avail this facility.

                                         has issued a list
                                     of Top Importers on the
                                    basis of duty payment and
                                  volume of cargo and have been
                               accorded DPD facility. If your name
                              simple request letter and submit it to
                               the Deputy / Assistant Commissioner
                               of Customs, Appraising Main (Import)
                                   and if found admissible, the
                                   permission letter for availing
                                   DPD facility is being issued
                                        on the same day.

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