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After     registration   and
                             receipt of the port code, what
                             procedure  is  required  to  be
                             followed  to  avail  DPD  facility
                             and  what  is  the  role  and
                             responsibility of the Importer?

                                  All the shipping lines have been advised to issue advance
                                  E-delivery order and E-Invoices to the importer on request.

                                  the Bill of Entry has been facilitated by RMS (as explained
                                  earlier) and the consignment is FCL, the importer are required
                                  to  inform  the  shipping  line  72  hours  in  advance  mentioning
                                  stacking  code,  DPD  code  along  with  other  particulars.  Port
                                  terminal will stack the containers as per stacking code indicated
                                  in the Import Advance List (IAL). The importer is required
                                  to  pay  duty  within  24  hours  and  expected  to  take  delivery
                                  as soon as container is off loaded from vessel. Importer may
                                  arrange  their  own  transporter  or  nominate  their  preferred
                                  CFS to take delivery or take delivery by rail through CONCOR
                                  / other operator or in future may avail facility of nominated
                                  transporter (being arranged by JNPT).

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