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P. 7

What if my
                               consignment is
                              either LCL or not                     DPD facility
                            facilitated by RMS?                  is available to FCL
                             i.e. my consignment            consignment only. Therefore,
                            has been marked for              DPD facility is not available
                                examination.              for LCL consignment. Also, as the
                                                          goods cannot be examined at port,
                                                        therefore, DPD facility is not available
                                                       to consignments which have been marked
                                                         by RMS for examination. Therefore,
                                                        FCL consignment and RMS facilitations
                                                         are the prerequisite for availing DPD
                                                            facility. You can continue with
                                                             regular procedure with your
                                                                 LCL consignments.

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