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                                  do not have enough
                                space in my factory to
                              store the goods and I usually
                             take de-stuffed delivery from

                               machinery at my factory/
                               warehouse. In DPD, I have                      Many
                                 to take delivery on the                  of the CFSs
                                 same day. How DPD is                   have earmarked a
                                                                   separate “DPD Area” inside
                                                                   their CFS which can be used
                                                                   for temporary storage of the
                                                                 goods after taking delivery from
                                                                Port. De-stuffed delivery of goods
                                                                can be taken from this place. Also,
                                                                 the charges of this DPD area are
                                                                  very nominal and cost effective
                                                                     compared to the charges
                                                                          levied by CFS.

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