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                                   tell me more
                                about this facility.
                                I am interested in
                              faster import clearance
                            and if my cost of imports is                  This facility
                            less, my goods will be export             is called ‘Direct Port
                                                                            in short we call it
                                     It is a win-win              DPD. In this facility ‘Out Of
                                 situation for me.              Charge of the Bill of Entry can be
                                                               obtained from a dedicated section
                                                                 for this purpose i.e. ‘RMS/DPD
                                                                                  situated at 2nd
                                                               Floor in JNCH or from any CFS, as
                                                                per convenience of the Importer,
                                                                 and Importer can take delivery
                                                                  of the consignment directly
                                                                       from Port by Road
                                                                            or Rail.

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