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What  is  the  procedure
                             and  documents  required
                             for  registration  with
                             Port  Terminals? I  heard
                             that a huge amount is to
                             be kept as security with
                             Port terminals.

                             To  avail  DPD  facility,  the  importer  is  required  to  register  with  Port
                             Terminals viz. GTI, NSICT, NSIGT and JNPT. The documents required
                             for  registering  with  Port  terminals  have  been  reduced  substantially

                             registration form are:
                             a)  A request letter mentioning the Sr. No. in the list of Public Notice
                               No.161/2016  JNCH  dated  28.11.2016  or  Public  Notice  No.180/2016
                               JNCH dated 19.12.2016 or self- attested copy of permission letter
                               issued by JNCH, Nhava Sheva for DPD facility.
                             b)  Self-attested copies of PAN card.
                             c)  Letter of authorization of Custom Broker for carrying out clearance
                               of containers.
                             d)  List of authorized signatories of the company on the letter head.
                             e)  Name of preferred CFS in case, container of DPD Client is not RMS
                             After registration, Port code will be generated by the Port Terminals and
                             will be informed to the importer and this port code (unique DPD code)
                             will be used in all communication with Shipping Lines, Port Terminals and
                                           there is no mandatory requirement of security amount.
                             It is an option available to DPD importer.

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