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                                    ontainerized  trade  has  expanded  at  a  compound  annual  growth  rate  of
                                  Capproximately  10%  over  the  past  ten  years  in  India,  and  is  projected
                                  to  continue  growing  at  a  similar  pace  as  India  undertakes  infrastructure
                                  expansion projects.
                                    In the past, import containers were sent to Container Freight Stations (CFS),
                                  1-1.5 days after arriving by vessel. Next, depending on the completion of import
                                  procedures and clearances with shipping lines, custom house agents, customs,
                                  consignees and CFS operators, the cargo was then delivered to the end user
                                  after an average dwell time of 9-10 days. This used to cost the importers appx.
                                  Rs 10,000/= per container / day. So the importer would incur an additional
                                  cost of Rs 1 Lac per container.
                                    Indian  government  as  part  of  its  “Ease  of  Doing  Business  Program”  to
                                  enhance India’s access to the global logistics chain has introduced Direct Port
                                  Delivery ( DPD ) system. The new protocol can result in substantial savings
                                  of  time  and  money  for  importers  by  reducing  container  dwell  times  after
                                  vessel discharge. With DPD, importers can avoid various obstacles and import
                                  containers  can  be  delivered  to  the  end  user  directly  from  the  port  with  an
                                  average dwell time of 1.5 day.

                                  supply  chain,  the  Indian  Central  Board  of  Excise  and  Customs,  merged  the
                                  ‘Accredited Client Program’ with the recently introduced ‘Authorized Economic
                                  Operator’ program. This resulted into extension of the DPD service to small and
                                  medium scale importers over and above the major importers.
                                    This booklet is an effort of the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House to create
                                  awareness about all the aspects related to Direct Port Delivery. The booklet
                                  offers solutions to all the Frequently Asked Question pertaining to DPD system.

                                                                               Dr. John Joseph
                                                                            Chief Commissioner,
                                                                         Mumbai Customs, Zone-2
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