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How do I take services
                               of  CFS  even  if  I  want
                               to avail DPD?

                                  They  can  act  as  your  Logistic  Partner  by  lifting  your
                                  containers  from  terminal  once  you  intimate  CFS  code  to
                                  shipping line and terminal along with DPD Code. You can take
                                  delivery of your DPD containers (Already Out of Charged from
                                  Customs) from CFS yard as per your convenience if you are
                                  facing space constraints at your factory premises or you want
                                  de-stuffed delivery for your different locations. Also, CFS can
                                  store your goods in CFS Publc Warehouse, in case you wish to
                                  complete PGA NOCs  requirement / labelling of stickers etc.
                                  ( Refer PN no. 09/2017)

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