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I do
                               not have my                               You
                              transporter in                        can utilise the
                             place. How can I                 services of your desired /
                             take the delivery             preferred CFS as logistic service
                              of the goods?                provider. In your prior intimation
                                                         to Shipping Line and terminals, beside
                                                       mentioning DPD Code, you need to mention
                                                    the CFS Code as “stacking code”. Based on the
                                                    same, the stacking of containers will be done by
                                                   the Terminals as per Stacking Code. The CFS will
                                                     evacuate the containers from the Terminals on
                                                    best pick basis and deliver to you either directly
                                                      to your factory or may store in their CFS as
                                                     per your choice or arrangement with your CFS.
                                                        However, it will be your responsibility to
                                                        obtain OOC of the RMS facilitated BE
                                                          before the containers are removed
                                                                   from Terminals.
                                                               (Refer PN No 09/2016 &

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